Back in the 50's, I mean, back in the 2005's there was a guy whose 2 minute speedcore songs hit the 255 patterns limit. So he came asking to raise the limit. Since it wasn't exactly a display of efficiency he was laughed at, but he also sparked a spin-off project to demonstrate how much music 255 patterns can hold.

That project is Longtrack. The result was a 70 minute epic collaboration in a single Renoise file with contributions from people such as It-Alien, Xerxes, ptrance and even myself.

Longtrack 1

On 2005-06-13 ptrance wrote "Stay tuned and get ready for Longtrack II. It'll be organised soon!". Of course, that never happened. Fast forward, it's 2010, some dude complaining that 999 patterns is not enough. Time to dig the Longtrack project from its grave for a long overdue reboot!

Unordered list of dudes

  1. Made entirely on Renoise 2.5+, native FX only
  2. External sampling may be used (e.g. instrument recording or the plugin grabber)
  3. Must be longer than Longtrack 1
  4. Must cover a healthy range of genres
  5. Recurring melodies and themes, otherwise I could just merge 50 mods together
  6. Deliver your part within 7 days. Otherwise the project will drag on and on and on and on and on and ... die
  7. More organization than Longtrack 1 because microscopic scopes suck
  1. wahrk completed the first part.
  2. Moonriders wrote part 2.
  3. insanity inserted part 3 between part 1 and 2.
  4. eeter chimed in for the 4th turn.
  5. insanity came back to improve his previous part and add a 5th part.
  6. after a slight dip in the project, rhowaldt picked up the pace.


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